The journey so far: a year at Amity

As a result of our team’s hard work, we are delighted to share with you Amity Social Cloud — our suite of solutions to enrich your app with social experiences. Here, we reflect on our past accomplishments and share what led us to our new vision of bringing the future of social, today.

The year 2020 has been challenging for most of us, both as individuals and as a company. At Amity, it was a year filled with emotions, accomplishments, but most of all, lessons.

When we launched in 2012, we were Eko: a social intranet platform providing communication and collaboration solutions for organizations. But as we go along our journey, we realized that the need for social connectedness goes beyond the workplace. 

Online, virtual communities are forming everywhere. From gamers to fitness aficionados, people find a dedicated group who share the same interests. Community building and social experiences fuel social networking applications, making them today's most engaging apps. 

Despite its influence and the vast opportunities it presents, we realized that companies do not take advantage of communities. 

Customer-centric approach

To date, we still see many marketers investing tons of money into paid advertising or user acquisition rather than on community building or social connections. But in such a saturated market, being successful and standing out from competitors takes more than catching the customers' attention. The key lies in engaging users by offering the ultimate user experience. It’s time for businesses to pivot and adopt a customer-centric engagement approach as it is the only way forward in our modern, connected world.

This gap between brands and users was the catalyst to our product upgrade. It led us to enhance our existing software to build a solution that benefits both the organizations we work with and the end-users, all while taking account of our observations on market needs and issues. As a first step, we acquired Convolab in July 2020, Thailand’s leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) and chatbot platform, and enriched our solution with the most powerful features to grow engagement and build in-app communities.

“The Future is Social” 

As we start a new chapter this 2021, we are glad to share with you the result of our journey to provide you with the most qualitative solution to boost user engagement: Amity Social Cloud, a complete suite of plug-and-play features to supercharge your app with rich, social experiences.

By adding social components to your app, Amity Social Cloud enables you to drive better user engagement and retention, foster vibrant in-app communities, create meaningful relationships with your customers, and unlock new monetization opportunities to grow your revenue.

Amity Social Cloud combines existing Eko modules that power chat, chatbots, and communities, with newly launched modules that enable video, social feeds, groups, profiles, and more. In addition, our set of tools do not require software development - convinced that any app has a social potential, we wanted our solution to reflect that.

Embodying our new vision, “The Future is Social,” our super-charged solution now answers the need for meaningful connections, community building, and engagement. 

The essentials of today’s top apps

Our flagship product, Amity Social Cloud, now counts four plug-and-play social software development kits (SDK) brands can use together or independently.

We want to enable companies to transform their app for the better without developing new functionalities on their own, thus, saving money on deployment and workforce. Our modules can be easily plugged in, making any app eligible for better performances.

As a result, all our features are scalable, customizable, and easy-to-integrate to allow you to create your very own in-app social network the way you want it, boost your app's metrics, and delight your users. 

  • Chat - A chat SDK to power high-performing messaging services to enable in-app conversations of any type: Private chats, group chats, live chats, etc. 
  • Social - We designed this SDK to enable social interaction (feeds, groups, profiles) and take your app to the next level. This module allows you to create a safe space for your users and foster your in-app communities.
  • Video- This SDK powers the features to engage your users with a format they love - videos, from live streaming to video stories, and more. 

As we start a new chapter in Amity, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your endless support, and we are looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

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