Financial Times 1000: Amity

FT 1000: Amity listed as one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies

Amity has been named amongst the fastest growing companies in Europe, coming in at the top 150 in the Financial Times 1000 list. Amity ranks 132nd, and is 30th amongst the 155 listed UK companies, with an absolute growth rate of 1,020%.

We are incredibly proud to be recognized in the sixth annual list of FT 1000: Europe’s fastest-growing companies. It's a reflection of the increasing relevance of our mission to create positive digital experiences and communities. It is also a testament to the hard work and incredible skill of our brilliant teams all over the world.

In their analysis of the rankings, the Financial Times and Statista noted that companies that made the cut this year were sufficiently resilient to survive and thrive with the collapse in demand due to last year's impact of the coronavirus. Technology leads the sectorial mix with a fifth of the companies on the list, followed by construction and retail. Italy is the country with the most entries on the list, followed by Germany and the United Kingdom.

This is our first entry into the FT 1000 list and it comes after experiencing tremendous growth in the US and Europe, culminating in the opening of a new European HQ in Milan, Italy, earlier this year.

Francesca Gargaglia, Co-founder and COO of Amity, reflects on this great achievement.

“Being ranked as one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies is something that we are incredibly proud of. This result is nothing more than the incredible hard work and dedication from all the employees across different departments, everyone at Amity has been involved in making this achievement a reality.”

Looking towards the future, our plans are no less ambitious. We are just at the beginning of our journey. The opportunities are endless with many industries that have not yet had their social moment. We are seeing early adopters in selected industries, with clients transforming their products into social communities. As more and more product categories realize the power of social, we are aiming at even more rapid growth in the coming years.

"Our priority has always been to provide businesses with the tools to build the best digital experiences possible. We strongly believe in the power of social and moving forward, even more companies across industries will leverage social features on their own platforms to provide better experiences for their users.”

Says Korawad Chearavanont, Founder and CEO of Amity.

To learn more about Amity's solutions that enable companies to transform their digital products into vibrant digital communities through pre-built social features, get in touch with Amity.


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