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Should you add in-app chat features to your platform now?

In-app chat features allow app users to connect directly with fellow users and businesses to communicate seamlessly. And with the rising consumer expectations, this is the trend that mobile app owners cannot afford to ignore in 2021. But does your app really need it?

Having a chat function in a mobile app has become one of the most sought-after features in the app market. That is because it provides users with a live communication channel, which businesses can use to enhance the user experience and enhance consumer trust. 

However, app owners and developers are still asking, “why add in-app chat features?” If you’re one of them and have not integrated chat to optimize your app’s full potential, here are three advantages of adding chat features to your app: 

Improves user engagement

In-app chat can lead to better user engagement because of its sheer convenience. Without leaving your platform, in-app chat can seamlessly connect users with you or others and get answers, feedback, and ideas immediately. 

Increases mobile retention rate

If you’re wondering how you can increase your retention rate, adding in-app chat can surely boost your numbers and improve customer satisfaction. According to a study by Localytics, brands that regularly send personalized messages within their app to their users will see user retention within 28 days of receiving a message range from 61% to 74%

Opens new ways for monetization

In a recent survey, 63% of customers said they’d rather chat with a business than call them. Further, nearly 72% of respondents would be more likely to buy from a retailer who communicates with them in real-time via chat messaging about their products.

It’s time to add chat features to your app

So, the big question is: should you be using in-app chat? The answer is Yes! There are many different communication channels out there, but consolidating your messaging channels in your app can be easier and more convenient for you and your users. 

Start by integrating one or all of these in-app chat features into your platform: 

1. 1-1 and Group chats

Create user engagement in your platform easily by adding features that let them converse with one another. Your app can be a discussion platform for users to share what they are passionate about and keep them connected within your app. With in-app 1-1 and group chat, you can make the most efficient and organized in-app discussion possible by enabling personal and group-based conversations to connect everyone in your community.


And this in-app community can do wonders for your platform. Because of the sense of community and belonging, 2.7 more users will more likely stay in your app, prompting high user retention and engagement on your platform.

2.7 more users are likely to stay in-app for a sense of community and belonging
source: Facebook IQ

2. Live Chat during streams

If you have a streaming platform, imagine if you can replicate the excitement of a sports game or immersive rock concert right in your app? Give the fans the ability to enjoy live streams. Promote user engagement as they interact with fellow viewers while events unfold right from your application.

Premium content platform TrueID saw the effect of this game-changing feature themselves. After integrating a live chat feature alongside their video content, they saw an uptick in their in-app engagement. In fact, on the first day they launched the feature, TrueID received over one million messages delivered per second, with users spending more time inside the app. Today, after continuous improvement on their in-app chat capabilities, they have delivered more than 700 million messages. Also, they recorded 3.85 million active users per month on their app.

3.  In-app chat support

Having live chat support in your app is such a powerful tool for user engagement. Whether you utilize a chatbot or an actual customer service, having in-app messaging support provides your customers a direct line of communication with you, especially if they want their issue addressed right away. According to a survey, 83% of people in the US use live in-app messaging to learn about a product or service, 76% to get support, and 75% to buy

As this solution is highly customizable, you can also use this to provide personalized promotion, upsell in-app products and services, and push in-app notifications, so your users are constantly updated with your offers.  

83% of people in the US use live in-app messaging to learn about a product or service
Source: Facebook IQ

4. Automated FAQ

It’s vital to offer readily available information to your users 24/7 to ensure app loyalty and retention. Using chatbot functionality to automate your frequently asked questions can enable you to do that. 

By utilizing chatbots, you can ensure real-time customer support and reduce costs by as much as 30%. According to recent estimates, autoresponders can address 80 standard questions, allowing your live agents to work on more complex inquiries. 

If used in tandem, your app and in-app chat features are a winning combination of growth opportunities. Adding these chat features to your platform can definitely improve your app’s user experience and overall retention.

Easily add in-app chat features with Amity Social Cloud

Suppose you’re considering adding in-app chat to your in-app strategy but are worried about the extra cost and lack of resources. In that case, Amity can help you seamlessly integrate chat features into your platform. Using Amity’s ready-to-use Chat SDK and Chat API, and with the power of AI applications, you can quickly build online communities, drive user engagement, create positive experiences, and grow your revenue in no time at all.

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