Eko launches new parent company Amity

Eko launches new parent company Amity, Acquires Leading AI Developer, ConvoLab, to Accelerate Global Expansion

Eko joins its newly-acquired Thai-based chatbot management platform ConvoLab under new parent company Amity.

Bangkok, Thailand - 30 / 06 / 2020

Digital tools have become the leading solutions to ensure business continuity during the past few months. With companies shifting to digitizing workplaces and businesses during the current pandemic, they have continued to embrace digitization even post COVID-19. Today, virtual workspace technology platform Eko further accelerates this digital transformation with the launch of its parent company — Amity.

Focused on helping organizations, teams, and people to fully-benefit from new mobile technologies and digitization, its name, which means ‘friend’, was chosen to reflect the core goal of the company — being a true friend to their partners, employees, shareholders, and customers. Amity brings together three (3) pre-existing technology solutions to make up its portfolio: Eko; Upstra, the application development kit for building in-app community experiences; and its newly-acquired entity, Thailand’s leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) and chatbot platform, ConvoLab. Further, the company will continue to power and expand these products out of their four (4) core global offices, in Bangkok, London, Milan, and USA.

ConvoLab’s acquisition, completed through a mix of stock and cash, was finalized ahead of Amity’s launch, bringing more than one (1) billion Thai Baht of investment into developing Amity’s core products to date. Combined, Amity’s suite of solutions has over five (5) million active users, from almost 100 large enterprise clients across Asia, Europe, and North America. With consolidated YoY revenue growth rate of over 200%, and more than a 50% increase in revenues from February 2020, Amity is fast becoming one of the first Thai technology companies to become truly global. With dozens of open positions, the company aims to continue to invest heavily in it’s product, as well as it’s growth.

“ConvoLab is at the forefront of developing machine learning, chat management platforms and work automation. By joining forces, we’ll be able to provide customers with an ecosystem of expertise and services competitive and unique at a global level” says Korawad Chearavanont, who now becomes the CEO of Amity.

“Amity plans to invest heavily in AI and work automation, and we believe chatbots will be one of the main mediums in which AI will be able to assist humans in the workplace”.

He also noted that Amity intends to boost investment into ConvoLab’s platform and services that will benefit existing ConvoLab customers.

“We’re excited to join Amity’s mission to provide the best technological tools to help businesses unlock their true potential,” says Touchapon Kraisingkorn, CEO and co-founder of ConvoLab, who will join Amity’s Senior Leadership as Vice President, Head of Technology while remaining the main executive responsible for driving ConvoLab’s operations. “Amity is deeply committed to constantly innovating and developing new products to become the first global Thai tech company. With that, ConvoLab is excited to grow as we join our new family. We’re truly looking forward to providing better services and reaching more organizations with bigger and better technology under our wing,” he adds.

Established in 2016, ConvoLab has provided a revolutionary way for automating business processes by helping their clients engage with their customers through various channels using best-in-its-class AI natural language processing (NLP). With this approach, ConvoLab has enabled companies to utilize conversational chatbots without any programming effort.


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