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Can human relationships impact your app’s success?

Learn how human relationships can play a crucial role in your app’s performance through in-app solutions like social features.

As social beings, it is a vital part of our DNA to connect and form communities with people, even virtually. And through social media platforms, people can easily connect while dispersed. That’s why if we look at today’s most downloaded apps, social media applications are on the top of the list

Thus, having an online presence on various social platforms has become a staple marketing strategy of today’s brands and products. It has become a way for them to reach out to their customers in various ways effectively and allow their customers also to meet new acquaintances, widen their network, and reach anyone they share interests with. 

While most brands rely heavily on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and recently, TikTok to reach out to their customers, brands can instead leverage more if they have their social features integrated into their digital platforms.

How, you may ask? Let us explain further.

Unified ways to connect

Did you know that a typical user has an account on almost nine social media platforms

What if, instead of having all your user’s data scattered across multiple platforms, you could have them all in one place? 

By integrating social features on your website or app, you centralize your user’s data in one place, giving you clear visibility on what your users like and dislike, letting you quickly gather their feedback to improve your product.

Also, adding features such as in-app messaging is the ideal way to improve your customer communication experience. Hitting two birds with one stone, in-app live chat prevents you from losing them to other chat applications, and at the same time, allows you to address their issue right away. Studies found that 69% of their participant’s associated good customer service experience with their issue’s quick resolution

Further, having a built-in live chat experience also boosts brand loyalty. Allowing users to reach out to you in a fast and easy way helps build trust. When you respond to them immediately, it helps alleviate the feeling of hesitation and worries, as you contribute positively to their decision-making process.

Indeed, 82% of your customers are more likely to convert if you chat with them first. And trust is essential to your brand's emotional bond with users and one of the critical factors to brand loyalty.

A place to build in-app community

As people crave a sense of belonging to a community more than ever, brands and product developers should start looking into them to increase brand awareness, get to know customers better, increase brand loyalty, and find new ways to increase revenue. 

Social features can help users to replicate offline social interactions online. Hence, it is an essential component of community building. Features such as group chats facilitate the connection and communication between users, while news feeds spark curiosity and drive interactions around user-generated content. The profile feature contributes to making your platform more personal, allowing users to express their thoughts, ideas, preferences and enabling them to meet and follow like-minded peers. 

Influencer marketing platform Aspire IQ found that 92.3% of brands said that the community has positively impacted their brand. Many brands have used communities to test their products, giving them a new way to collaborate with their customers. Companies are using their in-app communities to collect feedback and customer data, giving these users the power to help shape their products. 

Foster personalized customer-brand relationships

According to Brendan Witcher, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester, “Digital professionals are prioritizing personalization today.” But he added that “many still struggle to understand their customers, gather customer data, and deliver contextually relevant and value-adding experiences.”

Surprisingly, 83% of consumers are willing to share their data to create a more personalized experience. That’s where social features are a game-changer. 


A preference-based newsfeed pushes content based on the user’s interest. Using algorithms, this feature lets users discover content related to what they like, making them spend more time on your platform and boosting in-app engagement. 

Meanwhile, chatbots enable you to collect these pieces of personal information from your platform, store your customer’s purchase history and gain valuable insights you can utilize to improve your app’s performance. All those data gathered can also enhance personalized services, maximize user satisfaction, and increase brand loyalty.

And we all know what loyal, emotionally connected customers can bring to your business. Finally, studies showed that 80% of companies saw an uplift since implementing personalization, and 95% of companies that saw 3X ROI from their personalization efforts also increased profitability in the year after implementation. 

The Amity solution

Now that we showcased the numerous benefits of leveraging the social nature of your users by integrating social features into your product, the real question is, how do you plug those into your platform?

At Amity, our mission is to make social experiences accessible to anyone. Amity Social Cloud allows companies to seamlessly integrate plug-and-play social features into their platform to drive engagement, build communities, and grow revenue without the hassle of software development. 

From live chat, group chat to newsfeeds, profile, videos, and chatbots, our social SDKs gather the essential features of today’s social media giants to delight your users and maximize your app’s potential. Our four social features SDKs are customizable based on your needs and are delivered with our UI kit, making it super easy to integrate our features into your platform!

Read more about how integrating social features into your platform can increase your app’s success in our eBook, “Human Relationships: The Answer to Creating Lovable Products”

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