Marketing and Sales Automation

Unleash personalized campaigns

Maximize marketing and sales performance through chatbot automation.

Reach your audiences and goals

You need personalized consumer engagement — not generic brand campaigns! Amity Social Cloud SDKs can help increase brand loyalty and engagement with marketing and sales strategies that cater to your customers' needs.

Customized brand engagement

Build better relationships with your customers by using personalized brand campaigns. Create exciting marketing campaigns using Amity Bots and share brand content and offers with your customers in their groups.

Tailor your customer's journey

Amity Bots can provide you more personalized services to your customers by suggesting, proposing, and selling products based on your chatbot's ability to identify customer preferences using machine learning capabilities.

Launch data-driven campaigns

Implement data-driven marketing that suits the needs of your target market. Use chatbot and analytics to measure campaign response, as well as obtain useful customer data. See which brand efforts are getting traction by listening in on community discussions and likes and Comments on their Newsfeeds.

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