Community Engagement

Amplify Communities within Your Platform

Provide communities around your brand a way to connect and increase customer loyalty, retention, and interest.

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Interactions that matter

Strong online community engagement is crucial for any successful brand. Amity's social SDK enables your users to create communities and bring in more people to talk about the things they love.

Host meaningful discussions

There are groups and individuals everywhere seeking others with similar interests, whether it is travel-loving retirees for cruise lines or camping enthusiasts for camping equipment brands.

Provide your customers with the ability to create and join in-app communities  to boost customer loyalty, build a positive association, and make them feel more connected to your brand.

Give your users a reason to check-in

Foster a sense of belonging among your users and make your app a safe community social platform for them to connect and interact with others.

Engage your community with social news feeds

Social feeds are the best way to share information and content in a fun and interactive way. Let customers scroll through algorithmically personalized posts and content and interact through 'Likes,' 'Reactions,' 'Comments,' and 'Sharing.'

Easy to deploy and cost-effective

Deploy Amity Social SDK as quickly as a few days. No need for upfront payments or contract commitments to get started.

Data to help you understand and serve users better

Creating your in-app social network enables deeper engagement and interaction between customers and your app, allowing you to understand their preferences and provide them with tailored promotions, products, and content.

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