App Engagement

Power-up your app with social features

Integrate social features into your app to enhance the user experience and boost engagement.

Social features integrated in an app.

A more interactive experience for your users

Social features create an interactive, casual, and familiar way for your users to engage with your brand.

Social feed in an app with algorithmically personalized content.

Boost engagement with an interactive social feed

Feeds are the best way to share information and content in a fun and interactive way. Let users scroll through algorithmically personalized posts and content and interact through likes, Reactions, and Comments.

Let videos transform the user experience

Videos are increasingly dominating mobile screens. From short Stories to promote new products to educational live-streamed shows, integrating Video SDK into your app can transform the way customers experience your brand.

User interface of an app with a live-stream video integration.
In-app chatbot promoting products to app users.

Create superior user engagement with chatbots

Chatbots allow users to connect with your brand in a familiar and interactive format — messaging.

Bots can automate everything and help optimize your customer support, sales, and marketing promotions, along with helping you save on costs, cut response times, and boost customer engagement.

In-app groups with different topics which users can join and follow.

Building communities around your brand is the ultimate marketing plan

There are groups and individuals everywhere seeking others with similar interests, whether it is travel-loving retirees for cruise lines or camping enthusiasts for camping equipment brands.

Provide your users with the ability to create and join in-app Groups to boost customer loyalty, build a positive association, and make them feel more connected to your brand.

Easy to deploy and cost-effective

Deploy Amity Social Cloud SDKs as quickly as a few days. No need for upfront payments or contract commitments to get started.

Use data to help you understand and serve customers better

Creating your in-app social network enables deeper engagement and interaction between customers and your app, allowing you to understand their preferences and provide them with tailored promotions, products, and content.

Explore Our Social Features

Amity Social Cloud enables you to quickly add white-label social features to your app or website with our ready-to-use SDKs and API.

Chat messaging in an app
Fuel user engagement with seriously powerful in-app chats 

Our in-app Chat SDK can help you develop the communication features your users need to connect and interact with each other anytime, anywhere.

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User profiles and forums in an app
Profiles & Forums
Unite your community with user profiles and forums

Harness the power of communities within your app with Profiles and Forums, allowing users to engage with each another and share their thoughts.

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Social feed with posts in an app
Deliver content that matter with personalized activity feeds

By adding Feeds to your app, your users can get relevant updates via algorithmically ranked content and express themselves with likes and comments.

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Live video streaming in an app
Make your product memorable with immersive video features

Easily elevate your user experience and retention with interactive and popular video features such as in-app Video Stories and Live Streaming.

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