Build positive & safe communities with Amity Social Cloud

Regain control of your data, analyze in real-time, and create a positive and safe community for your users with our powerful analytics & moderation tools.

Analytics & Moderation Panel

Access detailed engagement data and key statistics related to your platform and users whenever you want. With our Analytics & Moderation Panel, you can moderate massive amounts of content quickly and efficiently.

Dashboard example of real time data of app user engagement
Monitor all data in real-time

Analyze all of your engagement data and statistics instantly to leverage the value of you community.

Community admin moderation examples
Equip moderators with the right tools

Easily monitor the environment and save valuable time with automatic and manual moderation capabilities.

Usage statistics & network analytics

Gain valuable user insights and drive monetization opportunities with detailed stats and analytics on every user, message, and post. Here's all the data you can track in real-time.

Graph of number of new posts and comments

New Posts & Comments

See the number of new posts and comments created by users on your platform.

Feed post with popular comments

Post Engagement

Track posts with the most engagement and posts with popular comments.

Graph of different social post types

Post Types

Analyze the most popular post types based on the number of posts created by users.

Graph of the highest number of posts by users

Popular Feed

Keep track of various feeds with the highest number of posts by users.

Graph of users who post and comment

User Engagement

Gain insight into your user engagement with data on users who post and comment.

Graph showing the daily users of a social network

Daily User Data

See the number of unique users who send messages in your network each day.

Report showing active app users

Active Users Report

Export a report showing active users in a selected date range.

Graph of users whose posts have the most engagement

Top Infuencers

Instantly access users whose posts have the most engagement.

Graph of new messages sent by users each day

New Messages by Day

See an overview of new messages sent by users on your platform each day.

Heatmap of messages sent per hour

Messages Heatmap

Number of messages sent per hour presented in a heatmap for precise insights.

Graph showing the total number of messages created by channel

Total Messages by Channel

Track and analyse the total number of messages created by channel.

Content Moderation

Content moderation is a crucial part of any community to make it a safe space for users. Our tools make it super easy for moderators to track content manually & automatically.

Content that is flagged by users to be reviewed by the community moderators

Flagged Content

Flagged content are presented to the admin for further review and action. The admin can then choose to delete that content.

A user comment containing profanity, which is flagged by other app users

Flagged Comments

Flagged comments are presented to the admin for further review and action. The admin can then choose to delete the comments.

AI image moderator

Photo AI Moderation

Images can be moderated using a machine learning driven image annotator.

A list with URLs that are allowed to share in the community

Allow list

Any content containing URLs can be monitored so that only specific domains are allowed.

Live chat filters out predefined words automatically

Profanity Filters

Create a safe chat environment by automatically filtering out profanity within channels.

Input field to add banned words


Specific keywords or phrases can be added to a global blacklist on the admin panel.

Toggle switch to enable or disable the review setting

Post Review

Allow community owners to decide whether a post is published on the feed for all members to see.

A limit of the amount of messages that can be send


Rate limiting a channel controls the speed of messages that is published to all concurrent clients in the channel.

Delete button

Soft Delete Content

The content is only marked as deleted. This means that the content still exists in the database.

Delete button

Hard Delete Content

The content data, along with its reactions, comments and replies, are removed from the database.

User Moderation

Content is posted by users, so moderating people is just as important as moderating content. Our tools help your admins and moderators preserve positivity on your platform at all times.

Button to report another user

User Flagging

Flagged users are presented to the admin for further review and action. The admin can then choose to mute or ban the user.

Moderator setting to mute a user

Muting Users

A muted user cannot send messages in a channel. However, muted users are still allowed to see the messages in a channel.

Moderator setting to ban a user

Banning Users from Channel

Admins can ban users to permanently remove them from a chat or group so they are no longer able to participate or observe messages in that channel.

Admin setting to ban a user from the community

Global Ban

Admins also have the ability to impose a global ban on a user.

Administrators & Moderators

Create positive experiences and encourage more engagement on your platform for all members of your community with our administrator & moderator capabilities and customizable user roles.

Network moderators

Network Moderators

Network moderators can moderate all posts, comments, and users in all communities across the entire network.

Group moderators

Community Moderators

Community moderators can moderate all posts, comments, and users in within a community.

Option for moderators to create a user role

Create User Roles

Create new user roles with customized permissions.

Setting for moderators to change a user role

Change User Roles

Admins can promote and demote a user's role in a community.

Explore our social features

Amity Social Cloud enables you to quickly add white-label social features to your app or website with our ready-to-use SDKs and APIs.

Chat messaging in an app
Fuel user engagement with seriously powerful in-app chats 
Add Chat
User profiles and forums in an app
Profiles & Forums
Unite your community with user profiles and forums
Add Profiles & Forums
Social feed with posts in an app
Deliver content that matter with personalized activity feeds
Add Feed
Live video streaming in an app
Make your product memorable with immersive video features
Add Video