Cookie Policy

When you navigate the websites of Amity or any of its subsidiaries (the “Group”), we use cookies to improve your experience. This Cookie Policy describes what are cookies, which cookies we install on your device, which data we collect through cookies, and what are your choices. 

For all the information on the processing of your personal data and your rights as a data subject please also consult our Privacy Policy. 

1. What is a cookie?

The term cookies refer to all the small sets of data stored in your device or sent to it while you are using a website. They are stored in your device and are then accessed at your next visit to our websites, thus allowing us to recognize your device and store some information about your preferences or previous actions.

There are several categories of cookies that we use on our websites. Some cookies expire at the end of each browser session (“session cookies”) while others are stored for a longer period on your device (“persistent cookies”).

Moreover, cookies are distinguished in “first” and “third” party cookies depending on whether they are installed by us or third parties.

2. Which Cookies We Install on Your Device 

When you surf the websites of the Group, we may use both session and persistent cookies. Please find below a list of the cookies that we use as well as their duration and purpose.

3. Third-Party Cookies

When you navigate our websites, also third-party cookies may be installed on your device. You can find below a list of all the cookies that may be installed on your device by other companies as well as their purpose.

Since these cookies are not installed by us, they are regulated by the third-party providers. Hence, we provided, for each cookie, the link to the privacy policy regulating their use, which you may access to learn more about these cookies and how to disable them.


_ga | Duration: 2 years | Purpose: Analytics | Third-Party Provider: Google

_gid | Duration: 1 day | Purpose: Analytics | Third-Party Provider: Google

_gat | Duration: 1 minute | Purpose: Performance | Third-Party Provider: Google

4. Your Consent to Install Cookies

To install the cookies on your device we need your consent, which we collect when you open our websites for the first time. By [clicking on the “Allow cookies” button appearing on the cookie banner/closing the banner appearing at your first visit/…] you give your consent to install cookies on your device. 

For some categories of cookies that are strictly necessary to run the website and provide some basic security features, we do not need your consent. In any case, these cookies do not collect any personal data and you can disable them following the instructions provided in the following paragraph.

5. Your Choices with Regard to Cookies 

Regardless of your initial choice of providing your consent to install first and third-party cookies you are free to withdraw this consent at any time. 

Moreover, you may decide to block or disable one or more categories of cookies or delete the cookies already installed on your device, using the tools provided by your browser. Please bear in mind that disabling technical cookies may impair the functioning of the website. 

You can find below the link to the instruction to disable and delete cookies on the main web browsers:

Moreover, to learn more about cookies and your choices, you can visit the website