Amity Social Cloud

Powering the next generation of Social Experiences

Boost user acquisition, retention, engagement, and monetization in your app or digital platform with plug-and-play social SDKs.

Boost user acquisition

Discover how social features and in-app communities can boost your app virality and mobile user acquisition strategy.

Incentivize users to join with social features
Create vibrant communities for your brand advocates
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Improve user retention

Give your users a reason to always come back, build in-app communities and improve your app retention rate.

Enable targeted and personalized push notifications
Fuel meaningful connections & conversations
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Drive in-app engagement

Explore new ways to increase user engagement in your app with social features, user generated content and in-app chat.

Make it easy and fun for users to post, comment, react, and share content
Empower users to connect, discuss, and drive the communities in your app
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Unlock monetization opportunities

Capitalize on your app's success and learn how to generate new revenue streams on your platform through social commerce and interactions.

Own and control all your user data
Gain valuable user insights for strategic decisions
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We do the hard work, so you don’t have to!

Amity Social Cloud is a comprehensive app development platform — ready-to-use, secure, and scalable.

UI Kit

Amity Social Cloud modules are ready to use, our UI Kit allows endless customizations.


Handle massive amounts of content with our moderation system and role-based permissions.


Don't limit your room to grow! Host unlimited users, connections, and messages with Amity Social Cloud.


Rapidly deploy Amity Social Cloud with an uptime SLA guarantee of 99.9%.

Powering all kinds of social experiences

Social Community

Create lively social experiences that drive engagement and increase brand loyalty.

Health & Wellness

Offer in-app social experience to connect and build trust with your health-conscious members.


Create immersive gaming experiences that skyrocket engagement and increase your app stickiness.

Live Streaming

Create fan-tastic viewing experiences that drive engagement and increase your app stickiness.

Online Media

Turn media consumption into social experiences that increase app virality and drive engagement.

Retail & E-commerce

Create hyper-personalized shopping experiences that increase user acquisition, retention, and engagement.

Travel & Hospitality

Make every experience memorable for your valuable guests and increase customer loyalty and awareness.


Create inspiring learning experiences that drive engagement and increase your app stickiness.

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