In-app engagement and high user retention

Are social features crucial to achieving your in-app goals?

As app developers, you aim to accomplish positive in-app engagement, high user retention, and new revenue opportunities. Can social features help you reach these objectives? Let's find out.

So you developed an app, now what? 

While you need to build apps with impressive graphics and a smooth user interface, you should also look for features that meet user expectations to encourage them to come back for more.

Social media apps seem to understand this need and have features that can entice repeat users while empowering them to share their experiences with their social circles. So it’s no surprise that in the last year, seven social media apps were in the top 10 applications based on MAUs. Data also predicts the number of social media apps downloaded to hit 258.2 billion by 2022

If you are thinking about your in-app user engagement, retention, and finding ways to maximize your platform for monetization opportunities, it would definitely be beneficial for you to add social features to your app. 

Still on the fence about integrating social features? Let us show you how you can fulfill these three in-app goals by integrating them into your platform. 

Goal #1: Increase user engagement

What you need to do: Build an in-app community

According to Robb Hecht, Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Baruch College, “Community building has become more important with the rise of customer success goals and metrics.” He added, “it's not only important to reach audiences and drive them down the funnel, but to be able to develop an engaged community and fuel customer lifetime value.”

A strong community following can help drive in-app user engagement. Aside from providing a way for users to connect with others, it can also be an effective way to share user-generated content (UGC) to build brand awareness and trust, especially with your new users. 

And with this positive social experience, you can ultimately create in-app community engagement among your users. According to Facebook, 2.7 more users are more likely to stay in-app for a sense of community and belonging. It only shows the power of having in-app communities and what they can do to help promote engagement on your platform. 

2.7 more users are likely to stay in-app for a sense of community and belonging

What you need to integrate:

  • Group chat

In-app group chats can enable users to talk about their passions. Through community-based conversations, you can connect everyone in communities on your platform by enabling group-based messaging for more efficient and organized in-app discussions.

  •  Groups

You can also promote in-app community engagement through private and public groups. Use these features to encourage users to engage with one another and post their ideas. You can also utilize this to push for exclusive content and offers to increase brand engagement among your community. 

Goal #2: Boost app’s user retention

What you need to do: Provide an excellent in-app customer experience

Customers don’t want to waste their time. They want instantaneous results to their queries and put high regard on companies that offer an immediate response to their concerns and provide convenience. 

According to a report published by Helpshift, 83% of consumers said they’d make messaging their primary means of contacting customer support if they could be guaranteed immediate response. That’s why fast customer service, through in-app messaging, comes as an essential part of building trust with customers and crucial in ensuring in-app user retention. 

What you need to integrate:

  • Live chat

Adding live chats to your app can be a game-changer and an excellent way to improve your customer service. Zendesk reports that live chat has the highest consumer satisfaction rate at 92%. Those solutions have gained popularity, with time efficiency being the main contributing factor.  

  • Chatbots

Using chatbots can ensure 24/7 customer support and can cut up to 30% in customer support costs. Bots can answer 80% of standard user questions, enabling you to allocate trained human live agents for more complex inquiries and provide better customer service. 


Goal #3: Expand monetization opportunities

What you need to do: Create personalized experiences

Nothing beats providing personalized experiences if you want users to stay loyal to you and your app. Segment reports that personalization leads to repeat business, with 44% of surveyed consumers saying they would be likely to purchase again in the future

And of course, who doesn’t want to share good, personalized experiences with their network? As your brand advocates, they won’t hesitate to share their experiences with their close circles. CapGemini found that 82% of emotionally connected customers will also promote a brand among their network. On the other hand, Hubspot found that 81% of customers trust recommendations from family and friends. And if they’re able to bring those new users to your platform, imagine the new revenue opportunities you can explore with these new in-app consumers. 

82% of emotionally connected customers will promote a brand with friends and family and 81% of customers trust recommendations from family and friends

What you need to integrate:

  • Feeds

Add this social feature to your app and provide users with personalized feeds that aggregate posts, reactions, and comments in one place based on algorithms. You can also use this feature to show promotions based on their specific interests, so they’ll feel that you look out for what they need and might enjoy in the future. 

  • In-app notifications

You can also implement personalization through tailored in-app notifications to provide information and promos tailored to your users’ needs and preferences. That way, they won’t miss any relevant updates from you or fellow users. 

Easily accomplish goals with plug-and-play social features 

Are you convinced yet? If you’re ready to explore more ways social features can help elevate your application, Amity Social Cloud, a collection of ready-to-use social software development kits (SDK), can help you do that.  

As the social SDKs are as easy as plug-and-play, the only things left for you to do are integration and frontend. Amity’s UI Kit offers endless customization options and an upgradable UI, making it easy to add social features to your app!

By integrating plug-and-play social features, you can engage and interact with your users and discover more avenues for revenue. Your users can then use your platform to help build a sense of community among their peers.

Learn more about how Amity Social Cloud can enable in-app social experiences

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