Increase fandom with in-app social features

Build an emotional connection with your fans and create excitement in and around games.

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Leverage the power of video for a true fan experience

Upgrade your fans’ experience by providing them with immersive streams and videos that take them closer to the action.


Fans and organizations can create short-form videos to showcase their passions to others.

Live Streaming

Users can start a live broadcast and do anything from watching their favorite team play to learning more about different sports tactics.

Rise above the competition with community-led features

Build a strong social hub of fans by allowing them to chat amongst each other and join groups of their interest. Whether discussing about the next game or hyping up a talented player, community features are here to bring greater engagement to your rowdy platform.


Fans can join groups of their interest and explore personalized content.


Sports fans can connect to each or with the greater sporting community.

Arena-worthy rewards and personalization

Create an arena-worthy social strategy by providing fans with personalized content and the ability to freely express themselves to other sports fanatics. Fans can keep updated on the latest sports news and your organization can easily monetize new products and promotions.


Users can follow the latest sports updates and get personalized recommendations.


Sports fans can express themselves and teams and organizations can directly interact with their users.

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