Adding a social layer to the gaming experience

Unite passionate gamers and turn your platform into a strong community with loyal and engaged users.

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Make gaming a social experience

Don’t make gamers leave the game! Let players share the excitement with each other right on your platform and take your user engagement to a new level.


Allow gamers to connect 1-1 or in Group Chats and Live Chats.


Gamers can send likes, comments, and reviews for others to see, all with the click of a button.

Media Attachments

By sharing files, images, and videos, gamers can immerse themselves in your platform.

Build alliances and create tight-knit communities

With Amity Social, gamers can use your platform to join groups of their interest, interact with personalized feeds, and take their playing to the next level. Forming like-minded communities is the basis for any effective game strategy!


Gamers can join groups of their liking, connect to other players, or just watch the magic happen.


With feeds, users can create their own content or engage with their community through likes and comments.

Enable a full gaming experience with immersive social features

Engagement is the name of the game! Upgrade gamers’ experience by providing them with immersive video features right on your platform.


Gamers can express themselves by creating short-form videos and distributing them to anyone in their community.

Live Streaming

Gamers can start a live broadcast or watch their favourite teams and players interacting in your platform in real-time.

See what you can build

See what you can build with Amity Social Cloud. Get started with our use cases.

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