Deliver quality care with a personalized in-app community

Facilitate your customers health journey with our interactive social experiences.

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App community for the Health and Wellness industry

More efficient conversations to optimize patient care

With Amity's in-app chat software, patients can get the support and personalized experiences that they deserve, smoothening the journey towards better health.


Patients can communicate 1-1 with health experts to get all the support.


Patients can join community support groups and use Amity chat to connect with other patients.


Push in-app Notifications for Reactions, Comments, and Mentions - because patients don't want to miss important updates.

Reimagine industry standards by incorporating interactive experiences for life changing insights

Let patients take full control of their health and interact with various sources of information. From webinars to expert streams, our software is designed to bring healthcare providers and users closer together for a better and more efficient patient journey.


Patients and healthcare providers can create short-form videos to express their ideas and experiences.

Live streams

Patients and healthcare providers can get all the information they need through immersive live streams.


Patients can choose to engage by reacting to Messages, Posts, and Comments, which will be visible to others.

Save time and communicate faster through our in-app bot messaging system

Leave your patients feeling secure and happy with the help of Amity Bots, a platform designed for hyper-efficiency, so your users can avoid the long lines and get the help they need in no time.


Automate FAQs, direct customers to the right information, and manage patients' schedules.

Co-pilot Live Chat

Get notifications when your chatbot needs human support.

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