Amity for Government

Enhance citizens’ experience and speed up service

Provide citizens with a direct line of communication to government services, build trust and improve satisfaction with AI-powered chatbots.

Marketing Automation

Keep citizens informed through bots

Enable citizens to get the latest information regarding applications, e-forms, rules & regulations, and all other public services through AI-powered conversations.


Safely guide people through any task

Assist people with step-by-step assistance for any activity. AI-powered chatbots enable the procedure from end to end, whether it's completing a form, making payments, filing tax and claims, renewing licenses, or registering a complaint.

Government Support

Provide 24/7 access to government support

Increase credibility and trust with error-free responses and availability after office hours. Instantly fetch information regarding regulations, events, public holidays and various other activities to empower citizens with all the details at their fingertips!


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