Amity for Insurance

Insure your future with chatbots

Build customer loyalty, improve retention rates, and increase satisfaction levels with AI-powered, omnichannel communications. From claims to support, streamline your customer services with Amity Bots.

Live Agent Support

Increase customer satisfaction with live agents

The secret sauce to a successful customer experience is the combination of human resources and automation. Hand-off queries from bots to human agents seamlessly in real-time, always allowing customers the ability to talk to a human agent if they need to.

Marketing & Sales automation

Opportunity for cross-selling and up-selling

By understanding a customer’s purchase history and preferences, you can identify opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling. Create loyalty programs that keep your customers coming back, and increase customer lifetime value.

Customer Support

Provide instant and personalized customer service

The insurance industry is getting more competitive each day. Cut operational costs and distinguish yourself from the competition by providing 24/7 assistance. Use bots to quickly answer common questions and route more complex issues to your live agents.


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