Amity for FMCG

Speed up business in the omnichannel era

Offer your customers the convenience they crave and the level of engagement they expect, all while driving results for your business with an AI-powered omnichannel retail strategy.

Omnichannel Experience

Automate your marketing activities

Amity Bots offers all you need to create an omnichannel retail experience that has a real business impact. Whether you’re communicating with customers on your website, app, LINE, or Facebook Messenger, we support it all.

Marketing & Sales automation

Automate your sales and marketing activities at scale

Create a more streamlined experience for your customers by using customer segmentation and marketing automation. Increase performance and empower your teams to focus on the high-value areas of customer experience.

Customer education & FAQ

Provide instant customer education

Instead of asking live agents, allow your customers to quickly get information about a product or brand, such as the return policy of products, campaigns, or coupons, as well as get answers about FAQs.


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