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Supercharge your app with a video experience like no other with Amity Video.

Add videos to your app

Captivate and convert visitors to customers

Amity Video SDK helps you integrate video into your app to enhance the user experience. Allow users to share personal stories and stream exciting live events while connecting with their community using our interactive in-app video SDK, powered by our robust APIs.

Live Stream

Stream your concerts, games, sports matches, and live selling events to millions of viewers and see community interaction as it happens with immersive in-app live video and audio streaming capabilities.

Add videos to your app

Video with Live Chat

Let users interact using comments and reactions with you and other viewers through in-app live video messaging available with Stories and Live Stream.

Add videos to your app


Capture and share life’s best moments, unexpected events, and fun branded content with your in-app viewers.

Add videos to your app

Powering social experiences for 10M+ end users

Expand your customer base

Use our video SDKs and APIs and empower in-app users to become your brand advocates. Enable user-generated content (UGC) to inspire new and current users to express themselves and influence others through video content, comments, and reactions.

Increase engagement and retention

The more engaging your app, the higher its retention levels. Amity Video SDK allows you to innovate around brand and user content through a seamless in-app video integration to create a lasting connection with your users.

Unlock new revenue streams

Because Amity Video SDK is scalable and easy to integrate, you will surely find ways to utilize in-app videos for monetization. The possibilities are endless — from branded video content to attract new users to e-commerce events for product demos and live selling, and much more.

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