Droidcon Berlin

Social interactions for every app

What do Burberry, Freeletics, Revolut, and AirAsia have in common? Social interactions! Today’s world is all about online communities and social interactions. Those are not to be restricted though to only the social media platforms. Did you know that adding social interactions to your app or your website increases the user retention rate by 40%? And the daily active usage by more than 2.8x more? Companies across all industries are rushing to add social features to their own apps and websites as they are considered the key to user engagement. In this talk, we will see what the best practices are and how you can easily integrate them into any type of application.

Eliza Camber

Eliza is a Developer Advocate at Amity, and a Google developer expert (GDE) for Google Assistant and conversational AI. She has been involved in the tech communities since 2013 as a volunteer, organiser, lead, or a speaker. In her spare time, she loves travelling, reading, doing puzzles, board games, and long walks with her dog.