GDG Catania - International Women’s day 2023

Dare to be the next one on stage

Presentations have been used for decades to deliver our points structurally and strategically while engaging with the audience. Whether it’s an audience of 3 people or 3000 people, the skills you’ll need are the same. To make things even better, those skills are used in a lot of other aspects of your life without even realizing it, for instance, in a job interview! Learn how to structure and prepare any presentation but also how to prepare mentally for delivery, as well as some of the most important elements and tips of public speaking.

Eliza Camber

Eliza is a Developer Advocate at Amity, and a Google developer expert (GDE) for Google Assistant and conversational AI. She has been involved in the tech communities since 2013 as a volunteer, organiser, lead, or a speaker. In her spare time, she loves travelling, reading, doing puzzles, board games, and long walks with her dog.