Enable in-app video features

The Amity Video SDK, powered by video APIs, elevates your application's user experience by adding interactive features such as in-app Stories and Live Streaming. Engage your users with captivating, memorable virtual events to participate in along with other viewers from around the world.

Amity Video SDK adds interactive features such as in-app stories and live streaming
In-app video live stream
Live Broadcast

Go live anytime, anywhere

Stream your events virtually and see community interaction as it happens. Host immersive in-app live events and stream them to millions of people from all over the world. Amity Video SDK can deliver a high-quality video stream to capture the most exciting happenings in action.

Live on Any Device

Amity Video SDK lets you and your users stream live events using our live streaming API.

Recording Capabilities

Record your live streams and save them after your event ends.

Amity Video Player (iOS)

Let Apple users play videos on a dedicated Amity Video Player for iOS devices powered by Amity Video SDK.


Capture every moment

Use Stories to easily record and share life’s best moments, unexpected events, and fun branded content to your in-app viewers. Amity Video SDK, enabled by video APIs, can allow users to create short-form video stories, just like today's most popular social apps.


Let users react to your and other users' stories using emojis, stickers, or thumbs up to messages, posts, and Comments.

Push Notification

Engage users by providing them with real-time alerts regarding in-app activities, messages, Reactions, and more.

Instant interaction

Connect with users instantly by letting them interact directly with you and other viewers as they watch Stories.

App users create short-form video stories with Video SDK enabled by video APIs
E-commerce engagement during live streams
Live Commerce Integration

Bring in-store magic online

Add rich integrations to allow seamless e-commerce experiences during live streams. Engage customers from anywhere with live product demos. Sell your items on the spot to your users. Interact with them through Live Chat to help them make the best purchase.

Multi-platform Availability

Stream your live commerce events on various mobile and desktop platforms.

Real-time E-commerce

Promote and sell on the spot and get instant Reactions such as likes and thumbs up from your users.

Push Notification

Engage users by providing them with real-time alerts before your live product demo or selling events start.

Secure and scalable

Admin Panel

Handle massive amounts of content swiftly with our sophisticated moderation system.


Host unlimited connections, messages, and users with Amity Social Cloud. Don't limit your room to grow!


Rapidly deploy Amity Social Cloud with an uptime SLA guarantee of 99.9%.


At Amity we are fully committed to being compliant and help our customers to understand these regulations.


Amity modules are ready to use — the only things left to do are integration and frontend.


Amity Social Cloud provides feature rich SDKs with functionality that would take years to build in-house.

UI Kit

Going the extra mile, Amity's UI Kit allows endless customizations and an upgradable UI, making it easy to add social features to your app!

UI kit for in-app social features

Powering social experiences for 10M+ end users

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