Communication made easy

Amity Chat SDK is an easy-to-integrate solution that enables high-performing chat services on your app. From one-on-one to large-scale group messaging, power them with Amity Chat SDK, built with messaging service APIs to ignite connections and open discussions.

An easy to integrate app chat SDK
Let users connect using Amity Chat SDK, built using robust messaging APIs
1-1 Chat

Empower your users to connect

With the power to chat right inside your app, you can let users connect using Amity Chat SDK, built using robust messaging APIs. Spark one-on-one conversations on your app and let users start connections themselves. After all, special relationships often begin with a simple "hello!"

Rich Messages

Amity Chat SDK handles multiple types of messages — Text, Image, Audio, File, and Custom — so you can say what you want to say in the most convenient way.

Edit/ Delete Messages

Mistakes happen! Let users edit or delete their chats so they can convey the right messages.

Push Notification

Engage users by providing them with real-time alerts on new messages from their contacts.

Group Chats

Make friends one chat at a time

Make it easier for your users to discuss what they're passionate about and keep them connected in your app. Amity Chat SDK and messaging APIs can connect everyone in your community by enabling group-based chats for more efficient and organized in-app discussions.

Join Group Chats

Users can join Groups Chats to jump in on conversations based on their preferences, get new ideas, and stay updated with their topic of interest.

Group Moderation

Create secure Group Chats for your users using group moderation capabilities such as muting and banning chat users.

Tag @users

Make sure your users don't lose each other in large community Group Chats.

Amity Chat SDK and messaging APIs can connect everyone in your community
In-app live stream with chat
Live chat

Connect with users as events happen

Engage with your users, and never miss a thing with Amity Chat SDK. Whether for exciting sports events or immersive concert experiences, give the fans the ability to enjoy live streams and engage with fellow viewers as events unfold right from your app.

Chat Channels

Using messaging API, you can facilitate communication between groups of users with up to 300,000 members and host unlimited messages!


Let users react using emojis, stickers, or thumbs up to messages sent during live chat events.

Chat Management

Manage Live Chats using group moderation capabilities, including blacklisting of words, profanity filters, and message filtering.

Secure and scalable

Admin Panel

Handle massive amounts of content swiftly with our sophisticated moderation system.


Host unlimited connections, messages, and users with Amity Social Cloud. Don't limit your room to grow!


Rapidly deploy Amity Social Cloud with an uptime SLA guarantee of 99.9%.


We are fully committed to being compliant and help our customers to understand these regulations.


Amity modules are ready to use — the only things left to do are integration and frontend.


Amity Social Cloud provides feature rich SDKs with functionality that would take years to build in-house.

UI Kit

Going the extra mile, Amity's UI Kit allows endless customizations and an upgradable UI, making it easy to add social features to your app!

UI kit for in-app social features

Powering social experiences for 10M+ end users

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