Amity Social SDK now fully supports React Native and Typescript

Announcing React Native and TypeScript support for Amity Social SDK

We are very excited to announce that Amity Social SDK now fully supports React Native and TypeScript.

This is an important milestone for us and we hope this new release will contribute to the adoption of Amity Social Cloud SDK among React Native and TypeScript developers. As these technologies are becoming increasingly popular, we wanted to make sure that our SDK is compatible with both React Native and Typescript to allow developers who want to use Amity Social SDK can take full advantage of the power of our SDK in their projects.

The release makes it possible for developers to integrate Amity Social Cloud SDK in their React Native and Typescript apps with ease. You can use Amity Social Cloud SDK to enable social features such as Feeds, Groups, Profiles, Content Posts, and Social Media Type Interactions and integrate them into your existing React Native projects or create a whole new app from scratch. Check out our React Native sample application.

With React Native and Typescript, one team can maintain both Android and iOS platforms with a single code-base across both platforms. Now you can create truly native apps that don't compromise your users' experiences. We are currently working on more features to make Amity Social Cloud SDK even more feature-packed. Stay tuned for more updates!

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