What's New in Amity Social Cloud, January 2024

Welcome to this month's update! We're excited to share the latest enhancements of Amity Social Cloud. These new features are all about making account management more intuitive and effective. Without further ado, let’s dive into the latest additions!

New Features

Introducing Account Management

We have enhanced the Amity Portal with a practical Account Management feature, refining the way teams collaborate and manage network applications. This addition allows for simultaneous logins by multiple users to bring efficiency to your team. Highlights of the update include:

  • User Management Made Easier: Enhanced and simplified the administration and operation of Amity Social Cloud applications.
  • Flexible Access Options: Log in with your choice of email, Google, or SSO SAML, and easily navigate to the 'Account' page for a centralized experience.
  • Admin Roles Tailored to Your Needs: From Analysts to Super Admins, we offer varied roles to match your team's specific requirements.
  • Invitation to Collaborate: Super Admins and Admins can now invite up to 50 users, expanding your team's collaborative capabilities.
  • Engaging Security and Authentication: With Single Sign-On for Super Admins and standard email/password entry for other roles, the platform ensures both convenience and security.

For a more detailed exploration of these features, including an in-depth look at user roles and permissions, visit our documentation for more information.

Broadcast Message Through API/SDK

We’re bringing a popular features from Amity Console to the SDK and API which is broadcast message! Now moderators of the channel and admins can broadcast message into the chat directly by utilizing the identical message creation functionality present within the SDK or the corresponding API, without needing to use our Console. Please visit our documentation for more information.


Remove Community Members via Console

We’re rolling out a handy update for ASC Console! Now, admins will be able to remove users from a community directly through the console, making community management a more straightforward process.

We understand that ASC Console is your go-to hub for community management, so we’ve added this feature to keep things efficient. Alongside the ability to add users, you can now easily manage your community’s membership in a more streamlined way. We’re also making incremental usability updates - such as being able to sort the community member list by their display names. You can find more details on our documentation.

Deprecated functions/features

As part of our commitment to providing the most advanced and efficient development tools, we're transitioning from the JavaScript SDK to the TypeScript SDK. This move is not just about keeping up with technology trends; it's about offering you a more robust, secure, and versatile development experience. The TypeScript SDK brings enhanced features, improved performance, and the kind of type safety that can significantly reduce bugs and streamline the development process.

Please note, the JavaScript SDK will be deprecated, with support concluding on September 30, 2024. We encourage you to make the switch to the TypeScript SDK at your earliest convenience to leverage these benefits and ensure a seamless transition.

For a detailed guide on how to install the TypeScript SDK, please visit our documentation.

If you have any questions, head over to our developer forum. It's a helpful space to get answers, connect with peers, and access valuable information. We're happy that you've made it this far. Until next month, we hope you have a great one.

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