What's New in Amity Social Cloud, January 2023

With Amity Social Cloud, you get more than just our industry-leading social features. We’re always working on new ways to empower you with our tools. Our goal is to continuously streamline your behind-the-scenes operations so your team can focus on what matters: Giving your users the best experience possible! Here’s everything we released last month:

🎉 New features


Unleash the power of conversation with Amity's new Sub-Channels feature. Say goodbye to the tedious task of creating new channels for every new topic. You can now easily create and talk about different topics within the same channel. 

With this new feature, users can:

  1. Create up to 300 sub-channels (topics) per channel.
  2. Create, react, flag, edit, reply, and delete messages in sub-channels
  3. Create, update, delete, and query sub-channels (topics) inside a channel

Sub-channels will help your discussions to be more organized and efficient than ever before. And the best part? This feature will be available in our latest version of iOS, Android, and TypeScript SDK this month! If you’re wondering what the latest version number is, it’s 6.0.0 (loving those round numbers already!

Check out the public documentation for Sub-Channels.

Improve channel Real-Time-Event’s behavior

With Amity Chat's latest update, your conversations are about to get a whole lot livelier. No more waiting for notifications! Our SDK will automatically keep you in the loop with real-time events and messages, allowing for seamless and instantaneous engagement within channels.

(Supported on Community and Conversation channel type)

Special character as suffix detection in blocked word list

Amity Moderation can now detect special characters as suffixes in blocklisted words that are using the “exact” match configuration. So if you configure “fork” as a blocklist word, SDK will block “fork!” as well. Sorry bad words, you’re not getting away this time!

🎉 New features — Flutter SDK

Channel User Search 

Say goodbye to endless scrolling and hello to effortless searching! With our latest update, you can now easily locate your fellow chat members by searching their display names within the channel.

Mentions in Messages (Mention User & Mention Channel)

Calling out to specific members just got an upgrade. With our new mention feature, you can now directly tag members in your messages and they'll know exactly when they've been summoned to the conversation.

Check if Message is Flagged by Me

 The guessing game of wondering if a message has been flagged or not is over. Allow Amity to do the heavy lifting and reveal the truth with the new "isFlaggedByMe" value, now included with every message so you can effortlessly check the value and tailor your application's display to fit the situation.

🤩 Enhancements

Enhanced Session Handler for TypeScript

We’re replacing boring connection statuses and with our dynamic session states. Our SDK has officially deprecated the outdated connection status and introduced a whole new realm of possibilities. Get ready to explore the four exciting states of session status: "notLoggedIn," "establishing," "established," and "tokenExpired." Don't worry about constantly monitoring your token's expiration - we've got you covered with our convenient auto-renew option. With just a few clicks, you can manage and maintain seamless access through our user-friendly SDK.

Real-time Community members list

Introducing real-time notifications of community member list updates. Any changes to the community member list will be instantly communicated, eliminating the need for repetitive manual searches and this feature is now available on both iOS and Android SDK!

Amity Social Cloud Console 

The ASC console has enhanced the moderation by introducing the flagged child comment display. The comment page on ASC console is now able to display the flagged child comments, in addition to flagged parent comments.

The "user object" will be included in the response when you query community members.

Now you will receive a "user object" in just one swift query, and you'll have access to all the information you need about a user without the need for an additional step. This exciting new feature will be available on all platforms, so no matter what platform you are implementing you'll have all info of user objects at your fingertips.

Deprecated functions/features

In January, we unveiled Version 6.0.0 of our SDK, transforming its architecture and introducing the idea of message feeds. We also seamlessly migrated data from version 5, while still providing full support for it - and will continue to do so unless we give you notice of any future change.

Our team is diligently working to ensure that version 6.0.0 of our SDK will support UIKit versions 2.X.X very shortly, so please bear this in mind. We will provide you with further information regarding the timeline for this update soon.

We're happy that you've made it this far, if you have any questions, head over to our Developer forum. Until next month, we hope you have a great one.

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