Migration from GetSocial to Amity Social Cloud

Migrate smoothly from GetSocial to Amity Social Cloud

With the recent news that GetSocial will be shutting down on October 1, 2023, we understand many users may be concerned about how to transition their online communities and user engagement platforms. Here at Amity, we have developed a solution - introducing the GetSocial Migrator tool! 

This open-source command-line tool is designed to help GetSocial users seamlessly migrate their data including groups, users, posts, comments, and reactions over to Amity Social Cloud. By prompting you for the required API keys and credentials, it automates the data transfer process to minimize disruption during this transition period.

The GetSocial Migrator has been optimized to:

  • Migrate your approved users, groups, posts, comments, and reactions with full fidelity. Any related media will be transferred as well.
  • Convert GetSocial labels into tags and merge user properties into metadata in Amity Social Cloud. 
  • Transfer user profile pictures and re-upload them into Amity Social Cloud.
  • Handle text, image, and video posts/comments.
  • Ensure already migrated data is not duplicated.

While some limitations exist around more complex features like polls and comment replies, we have prioritized transferring your core community data and conversations with accuracy. As an engaged member of the developer community, Amity is here to assist your organization every step of the way. Our team of engineers and support staff are ready to help configure the tool, run test migrations, and validate the results to meet your needs. We know how crucial maintaining your users' experience is during platform transitions. Reach out to our sales team for any questions or more information.

Please review our GetSocial Migrator documentation, and Migrator tutorial, and feel free to leverage our resources for a smooth data migration. We look forward to welcoming the GetSocial community and delivering exceptional ongoing experiences on Amity Social Cloud.

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