Travel and Hospitality

Building happy and social traveller communities

Make every experience memorable for your valuable customers and increase loyalty and brand awareness.

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Enable communication and community building between customers

Take your customer experience to the next level by focusing on the power of communities and connecting customers to each other.


Customers can communicate directly with other people, share their experience with traveller groups, or immerse themselves through Live Chats.


Guests and travellers can explore, create, and join Groups of their interest while building a tight-knit in-app community.


Customers can get updates on personalized feeds from their favorite people and always be close to the action.

Upgrade your experiences through immersive features

Integrate interactive features into your app, allowing customers to review their experience and giving you the space to promote your brand, thus achieving greater awareness and engagement.


Users can create short-form videos and distribute them to anyone in their community.

Live Streaming

Allow customers to livestream their journey and share them within the community.


Users can react to messages, posts, and Comments, which are visible to others in the travel and hospitality hub.

Provide quality travel and hospitality experiences through a strong support system

Guarantee customer satisfaction at any time by integrating a strong and reliable support system, capable of resolving all of your most pressing needs.


Offer all types of virtual services and push travel and hospitality promotions  through an AI-powered chatbot.

Automated Customer Service

Customers can contact a live agent whenever their issue needs human support.


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