Streaming has never felt so real

Grow your crowd and enable immersive and fan-tastic viewing experiences right from your platform.

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Turn viewers into active participants

Say goodbye to channel scrolling! It’s time to give viewers an immersive and active streaming experience by letting them be a part of the action and share their emotions with the community in real-time.


Viewers can communicate real-time via 1-1 Chat, Group Chats, and Live Chats.


Users can take ownership of the streaming experience and react to messages, posts, and Comments.

Make streaming a community-first experience

Allow users to tell their own stories by connecting and exchanging messages with other people and like-minded groups.


Invite viewers into a digital in-app community where they can explore, create, and join Groups of their interest and follow the updates from their favorite shows.


Push and in-app notifications for Reactions, Comments, and mentions – so that fans can stay on top of the next exciting stream.

Fan worthy content personalization

Feed your viewers' passions with hyper-personalized recommendations based on their profile and activity. Getting viewers to engage and express themselves beyond the screen has never been so easy!


Users can get a personalized feed with all the updates from the groups and people they follow.


Fans can have a space to share their posts and interact with others.

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