Make shopping fun and glamorous

Create memorable shopping experiences for fashion lovers both on-site and online by integrating personalized features and building a community where everyone is included.

Talk to Sales

Create a fashion forward experience with efficient communication systems

Enable clear and efficient communication between shoppers, your brand, and the user experience. Shoppers can react to their favorite product or interact with others to make their on-site and online experience more enjoyable.


Customers can react to messages, posts, and Comments from their favorite fashion brand or from other shoppers.


Shoppers can connect with each other via 1-1 chat, Group Chats, and Live Chats and brands can send exclusive promotions.


Shoppers can create short-form videos and share their in-store or online experience with your brand.

Create loyal shoppers by leveraging the power of communities

Increase customer loyalty and create a memorable experience for your shoppers, both in-store and online. Joining communities and groups is a simple and effective way for shoppers to connect to other fashion lovers and to your brand, making it a win-win for both sides!


Shoppers can create or explore groups of their interest, thus facilitating the connection between the passionate fashion communities.

Official and private Groups

By creating an Official or Private group for your brand, customers can follow your updates and build brand awareness.

Show fashionistas that you appreciate them, in-store or online

Delight customers with personalized promotions, offers, and 24/7 customer support systems. Whether scrolling through the app to view the latest fashion trends or requesting online assistance, your customers will always be kept in the loop.


Customers can view promotions from your brand or just feel inspired to add another product to their cart.


Buyers can have all the space to freely express themselves and interact with other fashion lovers.

Support Bots

Give shoppers full support by linking them to bots who are designed to handle queries such as payments, reorders, and more.


See what you can build

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