News and Media

Upgrading the daily news and media experience

Build a community of active news and media followers and skyrocket your app’s engagement.

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Spark conversations between users

Spark real-time conversations between your readers, letting them share and discuss any ongoing events, trends, and interesting information.


Readers can react to messages, posts, and Comments, making it easier for them to be engaged in the platform.

Media Attachments

Users can share photos, videos, files, and more, allowing them the space to freely express their views and opinions.


Readers can connect to other like-minded followers via 1-1 chats, groups chats, or live chats.

Feed the appetite for the latest information around the world

Feed readers’ appetite and give them the ability to keep up with the latest events happening around the world with hyper-personalized content.


Readers can get hyper-personalized updates based on their Profile, activity, Groups, and people they follow.


Users can have a space to share their thoughts and interact with others, encouraging a constructive environment.

Fight misinformation through like-minded communities

Get closer to the truth and inspire your users to find more friends with similar interests and passions.


Users can explore, create, and join Groups of their interest and make new friends in the news and media community.

Official and private Groups

Readers can interact with your online information through private or official Groups, helping to strengthen your brand awareness.

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