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Redefining social and community experiences

Create engaging experiences and allow your customers to connect with each other and the greater community in ways they've never experienced before.

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Increase excitement with tight-knit communities

Create happy and satisfied users by giving them the chance to interact and connect with communities that they feel close to. In integrating community features into your app, users will feel part of something bigger and your platform's engagement will skyrocket. It's a win-win!


Users can explore, create, and join Groups of their interest and build an inclusive in-app online community.


Users can follow the latest updates and get personalized recommendations.

Facilitate conversations and online interactions

Create a new of socializing and allow users to quickly access your app to create instant and long-lasting connections. Whether looking for a dating partner or the next weekend party, with Amity's communication systems, your users will feel included and loved by others in no time!


Users can communicate with others via in-app messaging: 1-1 Chat, Group Chats, and Live Chats.


Push and in-app notifications for Reactions, Comments, and mentions — because users don't want to miss the important updates!

Media Attachments

Users can attach photos, videos, and files to their best friends or partners.

Reward your users with immersive social experiences

Integrate immersive features such as livestreams and stories into your platform and give users the chance to connect with each other and the greater community in a way never seen before. Whether having fun at a party or talking about their partner, your platform will become the place to go for ultimate engagement and connection.

Live Streaming

Users can broadcast videos and also watch others sharing the fun with the community.


Users can create short-form videos, a great way to talk about the latest party or how they met their best friends!

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