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Users can explore, create, and join Groups of their interest and build an in-app online community.


Users can get all their groups' updates in their personalized Feeds. Let them share important events and milestones and see their community react to their posts.


Users can react to messages, posts, and Comments, which are visible to others.


Users can communicate via in-app messaging: 1-1 Chat, Group Chats, and Live Chat.


Push and in-app notifications for Reactions, Comments, and mentions — because viewers don’t want to miss the important updates!

Media Attachments

Allow users to attach photos of their experience and share them with their in-app communities.


From expedited boarding for cruise ships to ticket selling in theme parks, chatbots can help generate all these details, plus provide answers to frequently asked customer information.

Automated campaigns

Launch targeted promotions and offers that resonate well with your guests based on their in-app activities and usage behavior.

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