Fitness and Wellness

Build a better health community with social experiences

Connect and build trust with your health-conscious members with our in-app social experiences.

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App community for the Fitness and wellness industry

Instant connection to members, anytime, anywhere

Optimal well-being begins with a community. From joining fitness groups to chatting with your favorite yoga instructor, our in-app experiences offer countless opportunities for a complete wellness journey.


Users can communicate via 1-1 Chat, Group Chats, and Live Chats for all their health needs.


Users can explore, create, and join Groups that support healthy and balanced living.


Viewers can be updated through push and in-app notifications for Reactions, Comments, and mentions — because wellness deserves the attention!

Let your users do it their way

Drop the one-size-fits-all approach and let users take charge of their health whenever and wherever they feel like. With Amity Video, users can become the masters of their own content, watch their favorite streams, and interact on a deeper level.


Powered by Amity Video SDK, users can create short-form videos to inspire healthy, happy living.

Live stream

Host classes, workshops, and exciting wellness content for fun and interactive events for everyone.


Users can react to their favorite messages, posts, and Comments, turning health and wellness into a true community.

Make being healthy your customer's priority

Build a comfortable customer experience for your members so they can focus more on their health goals and live life stress-free.


Automate your customers' FAQs using wellness-expert chatbots.

Automated Customer Service

If users have any trouble with the platform, a live agent or chatbot will be available to support them anytime, anywhere.

See what you can build

See what you can build with Amity Social Cloud. Get started with our use cases.

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