Financial Services

Deliver a seamless and social financial experience

Shift your traditional programs and enable social experiences to boost user retention and facilitate financial services.

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Enable easy transactions and create a community of like-minded bankers

Leverage the power of communities and forget the hassle of old banking. With our messaging and community systems, users can take full control of their finances so you can focus on delivering everything they need in one app.


Users can communicate in 1-1 chats, group chats, live chats, and can even receive general communications from the bank they are affiliated with.


Allow users to chat in groups and keep updated on the latest financial news and content.


Push and in-app notifications for Reactions, Comments, and mentions — keep viewers updated and facilitate their financial experience.

Make banking easy and approachable by integrating immersive social experiences

Leverage the power of social and integrate enticing features into your platform. Holding amazing capabilities such as live streaming and short-form videos, users can utilize your app as a one-stop shop and find out all about banking and other finance-related topics while simultaneously creating deeper connections within your community.


By posting short-form videos, users can share their experiences, reviews, and tips.

Live Streaming

Host in-app broadcasts and workshops to help customers gain knowledge and financial literacy.


Users can react to messages, posts, and comments which are visible to all.

Increase your service efficiency and make your customers' lives easier

With Amity Bots, customers can get all the help and support they need in no time. From automating FAQs to avoiding the hassle of running manual customer support operations, your platform is guaranteed to provide the most efficient customer support system.


Enable several benefits such as push updates and campaigns with Chatbots.

Automated Customer Service

Help customers with requests for transactions, balance management, and other services.

See what you can build

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