Integrate social features for a seamless buyer experience

Crack the loyalty code with Amity Social, the platform guaranteed to boost customer engagement and create memorable online shopping experiences.

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Make online shopping engaging and fun

Let shoppers take full advantage of your platform by reviewing products and sharing their online shopping experience, leveraging the essence of a true partnership.


Shoppers can react to posts, comments, and messages about their favorite online product or any other shopping related experience.

Media Attachments

Allow users to send media attachments such as pictures, videos, files, and more.

Build an online shopping community right on your platform

Turn your app into a true e-commerce hub, allowing customers to join their favourite groups and explore the best that your brand has to offer.


Shoppers can explore their favourite groups and trends that your brand has to offer.

Official and private Groups

Whether through Official or Private groups, customers can interact with your brand and build their knowledge on your products.

Make your brand a one-stop shop for all things online shopping

Turn your online customers into loyal fans and invest on your products by sending personalized promotions and offering all the support throughout the buyer journey.


Customers can get group updates, review the latest purchases from people in their community, or just feel inspired to add another product to their cart.


Shoppers can have all the space to freely express themselves and interact with other people.

See what you can build

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