Connecting citizens to the right information

Provide public service while fostering real-time engagement with in-app social features.

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Build public trust and gain support from the people with in-app social solutions

Promote outlets for public exchange of ideas

Ignite real-time conversations from your people by letting them talk about their concerns, providing an outlet for suggestions, and collecting comments to help you improve your service.


Users can get all their groups' updates in their personalized feed.


Users can have a space to share their thoughts and interact with others.


Users can explore, create, and join Groups of their interest and build an in-app online community.

Disseminate information faster

Deliver public service announcements and townhall events right to their mobile phones.


Keep the public in the loop with instant update and news that instantly reaches everyone

Live stream

Powered by video SDK, users can broadcast a video for their fellows to watch in real-time.


Push and in-app notifications for reactions, comments, and mentions — because users don’t want to miss the important updates!

Boost public sector connectivity by making interaction easier

Let the public communicate easier and faster with your office and with their fellow citizens through a community-based platform.


Users can communicate via in-app messaging: 1-1, group, and live chats.

Support Chat

Create a direct line to your office right from their apps using automated or live agent support chats

Start building social experiences with Amity

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