Financial Services

Delivering a seamless financial experience

Guarantee customer loyalty by creating meaningful and engaging connections with customers.

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Enable customers to interact with the bank without being physically in the branch

Enable peer-to-peer transactions in your app

Forget multiple applications for money transfer and chat. Centralize all transactions and streamline everything they need in one app.


Users can communicate via in-app messaging: 1-1, group, and live chats. They can also use it to send and receive money from their peers making fund transfers conveniently in one place.

Media attachment

Allow users to easily attach photos of receipts and other proof of transaction to share them with their contacts.


Push and in-app notifications for reactions, comments, and mentions — because users don’t want to miss the important updates!

Make financial learning easy and engaging

From budget-saving tips to managing their investment, give users the information they need through interactive and inspiring content.


Powered by our video SDK, users can upload and distribute videos to anyone in their community.

Live stream

Host live in-app events and make it a fun, communal event for everyone.


Users can react to messages, posts, and comments, which are visible to others.

Put financial life in your customer's pocket

Boost brand loyalty and help customers conveniently use your app to get information about the current bank promotions and so much more.


Automate FAQs and direct customers to the right information to explain your product or solve their common app issues.

Automated customer service

Users can contact a live agent or chatbot support anytime, anywhere via in-app messaging.

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