How to use Catalogue feature in Amity Bots
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How to use Catalogue feature in Amity Bots

E-commerce plays a big role in sales and marketing nowadays, online sales increase drastically especially on a mobile platform. Amity Bots, our successful Chat Automation service provides you a very helpful tool to create your product catalogue on chat using the Catalogue feature to fulfil your chat journey with the capability to manage your product showcase and drive your E-commerce on chat. Let’s begin!

Catalogue feature

Catalogue feature is the content management system on Amity Bots platform that let you create and manage carousel items in the chat journey.

Carousel Template on Line Channel from Line developers documentation

Creating Catalogue

You can create your product catalogue from Amity Bots platform by these simple steps here:

Amity bots platform

1. Go to “Entities” in “BOT” tab

Entity list

2. Click “⨁ ENTITY” button and you will get a new item in the entity list

Entity adjustment panel

3. Click on that entity item and you will see the entity adjustment panel

4. Put your desire catalogue name in the top input box

Entity adjustment panel — Entity type

5. Choose type to “User-defined”

6. Choose prefer image ratio with “Square_Image” toggle (on = 1:1/off = 1.51:1)

Entity adjustment panel — properties

7. Add your catalogue properties to create catalogue template
7.1 Leftmost dropdown menu is a type of property input
7.2 Left input box is for property name (also the variable name in chat flow)
7.3 Right input box is for property display name
7.4 Rightmost dropdown menu is for which carousel part map to this property

Update your catalogue

Catalogue list

If you have finished creating your new catalogue, you will get created a catalogue listed in the catalogue list in the “CONTENT” tab. Click on it will navigate you to the catalogue management page.

Catalogue item list

Catalogue item adjustment panel (input field is different due to property configured in entity)

From catalogue management page you can add/remove an item by these steps:

  1. If you want to remove click on the item row that you want to remove and go to step 6
  2. Clicking on “+ item” button you will get a new item
  3. Click on the item row will show the item adjustment panel
  4. In the adjustment panel, you will see the field template which you have created in the entity of this catalogue
  5. Fill in the info in the property field and click 💾 button (top right) to save this item info
  6. Remove the item by clicking 🗑 button (top right) and confirm deleting

Hooray! Now you can create your own catalogue and manage the contents.