AirAsia + Amity

How AirAsia is transforming its airline app into a travel and lifestyle community

AirAsia uses Chat to cultivate a tight-knit in-app travel and lifestyle community enabling users to get inspired, connect, and share the joys of traveling while boosting in-app engagement and frequency of use.


Increase in user engagement with up to 30% longer average session times


High adoption of UGC — reaching 50 million messages/month


More than 2 million chat users

AirAsia is the leading Asian low-cost airline operating domestic and international flights to over 165 destinations spanning 25 countries and enabling people to fly, stay, shop, and eat, all at the convenience of one super app — Pushing boundaries and breaking the status quo, the company broke barriers 19 years ago by providing simplified and inclusive travel opportunities to people. Today they remain as an industry disruptor by offering over 15 types of products and services under travel, e-commerce, and fintech through their digital platforms.


From episodic-based consumption to engaging users on a day-to-day basis

There has always been an engaged community of AirAsia flyers, but their app was limited to ticket purchases and transactions. There was no sufficient pull for users to regularly visit the app and use the app’s services when not flying. AirAsia's vision, though, was different. Aspiring to have an app that users open daily to fulfill all their aspirations around travel and lifestyle — AirAsia wants to connect people to destinations, people to people, and people to all kinds of travel-oriented services.

How it started

Creating traveler communities with Chat

AirAsia saw the potential of allowing their users to connect inside their app as a massive opportunity to boost their in-app engagement and help with their super-app evolution. However, creating a full slate of engaging features in-house is time and resource-intensive. A search for alternate solutions saw the AirAsia team reaching out to Amity. The team chose Chat specifically because it required a smaller development effort, and it enabled them to iterate on different ideas quickly.

AirAsia started using Amity Chat by connecting passengers on the same flights and moved to use Chat rooms to create a travel app knowledge base. Users could access helpful information and quickly find others who share their interests. From 2,000 in the first month to more than 2 million chat users by the end of 2020 — the number of users kept increasing significantly, with new community members joining every day!

How it is going

From an airline app to a travel and lifestyle community

Utilizing Amity's Chat today, AirAsia hosts various solutions to engage their in-app communities inside a dedicated Chat tab. Channels serve as a broadcast system where customers can join different chat rooms to discover the latest travel content, best-eat tips, and promotions from AirAsia. And there are Communities — destination-specific chat rooms that allow users to interact with each other based on destinations or travel-related topics they are heavily keen on. Plus, users have the option to connect and chat directly 1-1 with like-minded individuals or fellow travelers.

Introducing social experiences through Chat Communities, broadcast Chat Channels, and 1-1 Chats helps AirAsia significantly enhance the overall in-app user experience and boost engagement, allowing them to create deeper relationships with their users. By providing interactive mini-communities among like-minded travelers, sharing best-eats and promotions tips, and fostering social-based commerce, AirAsia’s has evolved from a digital airline and is establishing itself as a comprehensive lifestyle platform for everyone. Despite the pandemic, there were up to 350,000 MAU chatting monthly inside their app in 2021!

What’s next?

Unleashing the potential of the ASEAN super-app

With a great customer base, the next focus is to utilize Chat to maximize AirAsia’s community engagements in-app and explore other Social features that can help skyrocket interactions and app metrics. Amity is excited to support AirAsia’s plan of becoming a one-stop app for entertainment, shopping, payments, and travel by leveraging the power of communities.

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