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At Amity, the recruitment process is a critical part of building our team. Why? Because recruitment is a two way process, we want to ensure that we, and the candidates can identify the best match. This includes looking at job motivation, skills and experience and company culture fit. Whilst the hiring process deep dives on all of these aspects, candidates can also use this opportunity to ask questions of their own. This initial stage of discovery has proven key to building long-lasting relationships with our employees.

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Panudej (Bank) Prabtapo
Senior People Operations Specialist
Hi there! My name's Bank 👋
I will be the one ensuring your smooth relocation to Thailand.
I have specialised in visa processes for over 5 years and would be your key contact throughout the process
I can't wait to meet you already 😊


Amity welcomes people from all over the world. We are an international company and happy to support our top talents with a relocation allowance to successfully move and settle in their new home. Our People team will guide you and your family throughout the visa process.

Download our relocation guide to learn more about an expat life in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Meenakshi Agrawal

Bangalore, India -> Bangkok, Thailand

“I wanted to relocate to a country which is near to my home country, plus Thailand is a very beautiful country. So when I got offered this role, I couldn't say no to it.”

How did the process go?

The process was very smooth, thanks to the People team who helped me a lot throughout the process. They answered all my questions and supported me with the documentation, which is the most troublesome part of moving to another country.

How do you feel now that you settled in?

I am very happy to be here. I love working in this company and of course, living in Thailand is a dream come true. The people, food, places and the vibe - everything is so amazing here.

What surprised you the most while living in Thailand?

I am surprised by the way people party here. The energy and vibe they bring in is just amazing and keeps me going all the time. The only thing with which I struggle a bit is the weather, it gets quite hot and humid and that makes going out in the afternoon a bit difficult. I quickly end up looking for a place with an air conditioner to cool down.

Alexander Egorov

Moscow, Russia -> Bangkok, Thailand

“I got tired of Moscow, so I set off to find a new job with relocation abroad. I considered only countries with warm seas as I was craving some hot temperature! Then I remembered the beautiful pictures from somewhere in Asia, and that’s when I started looking into this region of the world”

How did the process go?

I had a spouse and a cat. I was concerned my wife would not want to relocate and would rather stay in Moscow. The Amity People team organized all the paperwork for both of us, which was very convenient and helpful. Although the process of spouse relocation took a little longer than we expected, the People team fought paper bureaucracy like champs!

How do you feel now that you settled in?

Thailand and Bangkok are completely new experiences for me. The relocation to work with Amity was my very first touch with Asia - from a culture, nature and way of life perspective. It was fun to discover Thai people are in fact foodies (like me!) on a national scale - and they enjoy both Thai delicious cuisine and any foreign foods deemed to their liking.

What surprised you the most while living in Thailand?

Positive surprise was the public security - very low crime rate makes Thailand an incredibly safe and comfortable place for digital nomads and remote workers. I feel very secure here. Also, Thailand is a great travel hub to explore other Asian countries.