Do more with less

A conversational bot can engage customers' every activity by managing customer support, marketing campaigns, and more. Through the Amity Bots AI chatbot application, you can create automated bots and run them on the Amity Social Cloud and other popular social networks.

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Create automated chatbots with a Chatbot SDK
Marketing Campaign Management Chatbot
Marketing Campaign Management

Provide personalized brand experience

Build, run, and launch customized campaigns using your chatbots. Market the most relevant information to your customers based on their behavior. Use bots to create out-of-the-box marketing promotions to engage with your users.


Connect to all chat channels – LINE, Facebook, Webchat or even chat on your mobile app – and respond to every user in one single platform.

User Profile and Context

Amity bots can summarize every user interaction with your agent and push information to your CRM to further enrich your customer’s profile.

AI-Powered Decision

Amity bots have an AI-powered language processing engine to ensure the chatbot understands your customers and selects the best actions from chatbot logic flows.

Sales Automation

Optimize your sales cycle

Use a chatbot to grow your sales and get more leads and sales opportunities. With bots, you can produce qualified prospects from your app or other platforms and provide self-service support to nurture them into customers.

Flexible Segmentation

Segment your customers according to their interactions with the chatbot and their profile in your system.

Targeted Chat Campaign

Target different user segments with various promotions or interactive goal-based questionnaires.

Generate and Convert Leads

Generate leads right on your app or chat channels by allowing your users to register for your product or campaigns. Chatbots can route leads to your sales agent for further engagement.

Sales Automation Chatbot
Customer Support Chatbot
Customer Support Chat

Give round-the-clock customer service

Maximize customer satisfaction with reliable, 24/7 in-app support. With Amity Bots for customer service, you can provide your customers with timely answers to their most pressing questions no matter where they are. Save on human resources, just automate frequently asked queries and give solutions instantly.

Chatbot Logic Visualizer

No matter how complicated your chatbot is, our Amity Bots can visualize and maintain its logic easily.

Co-pilot Live Chat

Get notification when your chatbot needs human support. An agent can also trigger the chatbot to send carousel, flex, or other rich media messages to the user.

Train AI On the Go

Allows your customer support agents to train your chatbot as they use it. Your chatbot development team can then approve or reject their training data as needed.