Interview with Amity’s Head of Marketing: Strategies adjustment made possible with technology

Dasha Cherniavskaia, Head of Marketing at Amity, explains to us how adjusting marketing strategies in times of crisis involves rapid reaction, high flexibility and technology support.

June 26, 2020
Lauren Feille

When unexpected crises like the coronavirus outbreak arises, how should marketing teams pivot their strategies accordingly? Here, Dasha Cherniavskaia (Amity’s Head of Marketing) shares why it’s necessary for businesses to move fast during this time and how the power of technology allows for a smooth and successful pivot.

Your role currently involves working with people from various departments and locations. How do you ensure everything works seamlessly while everyone is dispersed?

I consider time zone differences to be quite useful to me! They help me build clear boundaries between two separate parts of my day. The first one is dedicated to the overlapping work hours with other timezones, and is used for collaboration, discussions, synchronizations and any real-time work conversations. When overlapping time zones end, my time for deep focus begins. This is the most appropriate time in my schedule to focus on analytical work or any tasks that require deeper concentration.

Another benefit is the ability to create an extra long day (and it’s very productive!). A team’s working day starts at 10 am in Bangkok and ends at 7 pm in London. This adds up to a 15 hour “stacked-up” work day for the whole of the team. You can’t beat that!

Luckily, technology makes it easy to stay on top of our tasks. Everything we do is on Amity: documents, people, projects, team chats. We can jump on a call at any moment, ask each other questions and share ideas. This helps me and my team stay connected and in the loop across two offices in different countries.

In what ways have you adjusted your marketing strategy to cope with the new realities caused by COVID-19?

Crisis comes with tough decisions faced by every organization. Marketing — as any other department – has to pivot to the situation and the market needs.

Before COVID-19, our marketing efforts focused on organizations with primarily frontline workforce: hospitality, food services and retail, for example. These businesses are relying on people, and they were heavily affected by the global situation. As the situation evolved, it became very clear that in the short-to-mid term, our potential client base is going to be focusing on survival and digital transformation might not be a top priority for those businesses in the coming period. For Amity, this meant that we needed to shift to focus on our value proposition to clients.

As a result of COVID-10, we rolled out a new offering: the team version of Eko, in which any team can register and try our technology for free. We knew that many people were switching to ‘permanent’ work from home for the first time in their lives, and that Eko is the best tool to make this experience better. Our message to clients today is: “Cut the commute. Work in the comfort of your home. Everything else stays the same” — and it’s true!

It’s a great direction to work on from a marketing perspective as the SaaS approach allows for rapid experimentation and more creative freedom. We had to move forward and learn fast and ultimately, it brought us great results.

Do you have any advice for marketers trying to find their way in a post-COVID marketing world?

I always felt we are living in a very fast paced world and the beginning of 2020 proved it in every possible manner. My top advice is: never stop learning, accept new challenges, develop new skills, and don’t be afraid to take on big challenges. I believe being relevant is crucial in any sphere nowadays — so be aware of the latest context, and do a regular sense-check on what you, your team and your company are doing. Above all else, technology allows for quick pivots to happen as and when you need it, so take advantage of those tools.

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